Meeting Point

When Detective Sergeant Claire Watson meets John Rock on holiday, the attraction is instant — but so is the feeling that they’ve met before.

Uneasy memories from a decade earlier begin to surface for Claire: memories of a woman’s body found at the bottom of a cliff in Northern Ireland, a possible suicide or, perhaps, a murder. Now, ten years later in the South of France, she once again encounters the dead woman’s husband, the man Claire and her colleagues believed was the killer, though they could never pin the crime on him.

But did John’s wife really die by his hands? And how can be be a cold-blooded murderer when Claire is strongly attracted to him?

‘She writes with the uncluttered style of a journalist and yet presents stories with visual and dramatic expertise… A real page turner’

‘The perfect book to lose yourself in this summer’
– Nottingham Evening Post

‘This is a must-read… A gripping, twisting tale’
– Time 4 U magazine

‘Enough intrigue, mystery and sharp turns to keep readers turning pages’
– Essentials

McAuley is particularly strong when writing about the bonds of friendship… There are plenty of subplots to keep the reader hooked, too… [and] McAuley’s careful plotting comes to a surprising climax’ … Seasoned as it is with the intertwining stories of love, friendship, and betrayal, the story moves back and forwards from Belfast to the South of France with seamless effort… A natural storyteller, Ms McAuley…uses her obsevations of human nature to draw us all into the story’
– Sunday Tribune

‘It is a great holiday page-turner with sinister twists and amusing turns, as well as a few heart-warming moments… Enthralling’ Belfast News Letter – ‘Engrossing, and hard to put down…one can never be certain what will happen next… A gripping tale, with as many twists and turns as a country lane’ Oxford Times”
– Irish Independent

★ ★ ★ ★  Lincs Reader — 14th January 2012

Romantic Suspense

Roisin McAuley's writing has been compared to Maeve Binchy, I do see some similarities, maybe it's because they are both Irish? They certainly do have some things in common, the main thing being the ease at which the reader is drawn into the story.

Meeting Point is a romantic suspense story. Solicitor and single mum Claire is holidaying in France with her best friend and their two sons. The story opens as Claire is forced to dive into a ditch to avoid being knocked down by a sports car on a quiet country lane in France. The driver is most apologetic, and he also charming, very attractive and English. Dr John Rock or 'Rocky' as he is known insists on driving them back to the camp site and invites them all to visit his music bar in nearby Nice. It's clear that there is a spart of attraction between Rocky and Claire, but Claire also feels that she has meet him before. The story goes back 8 or so years, to the time when Claire's marriage was crumbling, when she was still a serving officer in the RUC, back in Northern Ireland. Yes, Claire and Rocky's paths have crossed before; when she was investigating the mysterious death of his wife.

This is real comfort reading, not heavy or in depth, but a great plot that rattles along nicely. The characters are likeable, if sometimes a little predictable and there are a couple of huge coincidences along the way. On the whole, a nice easy read.