When a mummified foot, a pile of bones and a split skull are discovered in a Danish bog, is it a case for the police or archaeologists?

It becomes a case for Chief Inspector Tobias Lange when it is confirmed the remains are those of a young male, early twenties, beaten to death with a blunt instrument about two decades earlier.

Tobias finds himself on the trail of eco-warriors, Sami protesters safeguarding reindeer rights in Lapland and a disaffected young woman estranged from her family.

Then another incomplete set of human bones turns up, and then another. The trail takes a turn into a murky world of sex trafficking and illegal immigrants. Tobias starts to fear for his eco-warrior daughter Agnes…

★ ★ ★ ★ ★  Gos (verified purchase) — 23rd July 2015

A great Read

When a body is found in a Danish bog, Chief Inspector Tobias Lange and his team need to identity the victim and the person responsible for the horrific murder. Subsequent grisly discoveries of human remains in the city's rubbish bins add to the suspense. Uncovering much unsavoury activity in his quest for the killer, Lange becomes increasingly concerned for his Eco-warrior daughter, Agnes and the reader is kept engrossed until the surprising denouement.
Tobias Lange is a likeable, music-loving, golf-playing divorce who has fewer hang-ups than most leading detectives in the genre. This is an enjoyable, very well written novel which all addicts of Nordic Noir should read. Hopefully, Lange and his team will return to investigate and solve more crimes in the future!