19th May 2018

Sunday Sequence, May 20th 2018

 Can Northern Ireland help map the road to peace in the Middle East?  The Rev Dr Gary Mason, experienced negotiator, Middle East expert Dr Julie Norman, and security correspondent for The Irish Times and former Irish Army officer with UNIFIL, Tom Clonan, discuss the clashes on the Israel-Gaza border that  left hundreds of Palestinians injured and more than sixty shot dead. Can Northern Ireland help the Israelis and Palestinians reach agreement? Wim Wenders documentary film about Pope Francis - Kevin Maher, chief film critic for The Times, gives his verdict on "Pope Francis: A Man of His Word". Antonia Fraser talks about her new book, "The King and the Catholics".  We discuss the challenges and compensations of growing old. And on the first United Nations Bee Day, a beekeeper tells us why the Bees are important for our planet.