12th May 2018

Sunday Sequence, May 13th 2018

We hear what this holiest month in the Islamic calendar means to Muslims, and how Ramadan will be observed in Northern Ireland. Guernsey this week may decide to introduce a period of consultation to bring in assisted dying. If so, it will be the first place in the UK to do so. We talk to Sarah Griffiths,  a campaigner from Guernsey who wants this change in the law, and to Baroness Ilona Finlay who is opposed to it. How can people of faith defend the beliefs they hold that are in conflict with modern society? Michael Kelly talks about his new book "How to Defend the Faith without Raising Your Voice." Professor Peter Mandaville tells us why diplomats need to understand the role of religion, particularly Islam, in geo-politics. The Earth is flat, probably a disc surrounded by an ice wall - according to members of the Flat Earth Society, who flew into Birmingham from across the world for the UK's first Flat Earth Convention. Dr Harry Dyer, digital sociologist, went to observe. He tells us what he learned.  And Nina Farr tells us why she wrote "I Am The Parent Who Stayed: Joyfully Parenting Alone".