18th March 2017

Sunday Sequence, March 19th 2017

Does our comfortable lifestyle make us both complacent and complicit in exploitation and enslavement? - our main discussion. Plus - he was a founder member of the homeless charity Shelter, of the development charity, Trocaire; he defended human rights. But he will probably be best remembered for his affair with Annie Murphy.  We discuss the late Bishop Eamon Casey and the sexual scandal that shook Ireland and overshadowed his achievements as a campaigner for justice and welfare. Seduction, hi-jacked weddings, catastrophic funerals - we talk to Rabbi Jonathan Romain's about his book, "Confessions of a Rabbi". The monks who've established the first monastery in Meath since the time of Henry VIII. Imagining a new Northern Ireland - Belfast's Festival of Ideas. And the communist, black activist, feminist who was once on the FBIs most wanted list - Angela Davis.