30th September 2017

Sunday Sequence, 1st October 2017

The words fascism and fascist have become 'boo' words -  widely used in dislike and condemnation. But what do the words actually mean? Tim Stanley, historian and journalist, is among those attempting to explain. Who will win the stand-off between President Trump and the NFL over 'taking the knee' ? Robert McCrum talks about 'Every Third Thought'. Doctor Una Agnew discusses the spirituality of Patrick Kavanagh in advance of a lecture she's giving next week at the Seamus Heaney Home Place. Michael Kelly, editor of the The Irish Catholic discusses the impact on parishes of new rules on the vernacular liturgy. And Mandy Bryson from N.I. Libraries talks about books that speak to her soul - The Rotters' Club, by Jonathan Coe, and Always Looking Up, by Michael J. Fox.'