31st March 2018

Easter Sunday, April 1st 2018

We hear from Fr Eamon Kelly who has been on a vigil at the site of the Resurrection. The Rev Brian Kennaway on why the Disputation at Heidelberg, 500 years ago this month, is central to the Reformation. Dr Andrew Chesnut tells us why Pentacostalism is on the rise in Latin America. How can we sustain the earth, and ourselves, at the same time? Naturalist, Mary Colwell, enviromental philosopher, Dr Simon P. James, environmental philosopher, Professor Cathie Martin and the Rev Cheryl Meban provide some answers. The writer who came home to Ireland to write a novel, found his metier as a farmer, and his peace of mind - John Connell talks about  "The Cow Book." And as the BBC Radio 2 National Folk Awards come to Belfast, we ask Fergus O'Hare and Lynette Fay if 'Folk' has become too anodyne.