20th April 2013 — Tales from the Clinic

Tales from the Clinic — 9

I like going to the Salle de Kinestherapie. It’s a big bright room with a splendid view over Bordeaux. I wasn’t able to enjoy the view while my legs were in plaster because I did my exercises flat on my back, or sitting in the wheelchair, so the physio, Monsieur Boxeur – an absolute sweetie – showed me photographs on his smartphone of deer grazing the slopes below the clinic.
When the plasters were cut off and I graduated to boots, I was able to stand up and experience the uplift of spirits that comes with a wide horizon and a big sky.
I’ve now jettisoned the boots. The plane trees, which were bare when I arrived are now in full leaf.
Monsieur Boxeur gives me a range of exercises. None, however, as “bordelais” as this. (cartoon by Joe McFadden)