9th July 2015 — About Writing

Do you like Nordic crime fiction?

I was gripped by the Danish crime series The Killing and Danish/Swedish The Bridge. I loved all three series of Wallander made by Yellow Bird TV with Krister  Henriksson in the lead role.  I enjoy Nordic fiction too and am delighted that 'Bogman' by debut crime writer R I Olufsen has just been published by Crux Publishing.

The story begins with the discovery of human bones and a mummified foot in a bog in Denmark. Is this another Tollund Man? Or something more modern, and more sinister? 


“Hi, Agnes. What’s up?”

“Hi Dad. I saw you on the news. Another Tollund Man, maybe? Hey, that would be exciting.”

“Well,” Tobias sat down again at the table. “It’s a bit early to say. It’s not like Tollund Man. It’s a mummified foot and a pile of bones. We’ve no idea how long they’ve been there. We’ve sent the lot to a forensic anthropologist.”

“The fat guy who was interviewed?
“That’s the one.”
“And you really have no idea how long the bones have

been there?” “Not really.”

“It might be the work of a serial killer.”

Tobias laughed. “You’ve been watching too much television, Agnes.”