Broadcaster, Novelist

I grew up in a big family in a small town in County Tyrone, Northern Ireland. I lived and worked in England for thirty years, I now live in Belfast, but I still think of myself as a Tyrone woman. My father was from Glenaan, one of the nine Glens of Antrim, so I feel a strong connection to that part of the world as well. If you’d told me when I was in my twenties that I would be a published author in my fifties, I would have been astonished. Yet when I look back and impose a narrative on the past, put in the signposts, I can see that this is the job I have been preparing for all my life. I've always loved storytelling. That's why I became a reporter,  why I made radio and television documentaries. This article I wrote for BBC Northern Ireland about my early days as a reporter might give you some flavour of what I loved about the job. Reporting for Spotlight Now I'm creating fictional stories. I hope you enjoy reading them.

Roisin McAuley

As a result of hacking, this website is in disarray and is now being rebuilt. Apologies in the meantime.
I am currently writing my fifth novel and working on a screenplay.

On Sunday 2nd November I begin presenting the Radio Ulster weekly programme Sunday Sequence, on alternate Sundays.

You can see me – and former colleagues and hacks (reporters) who’ve worked in Northern Ireland – in the Ulster Television series The Troubles I’ve Seen.

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